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FEP Award 2016 geht an ParkettMagazin-Chefredakteur Peter Mau

Die Föderation der Europäischen Parkett-Industrie hat den FEP Award 2016 an Peter Mau verliehen, Mit-Herausgeber und Chefredakteur des ParkettMagazins. FEP-Präsident Lars Gunnar Andersen und Generalsekretär Endre Varga würdigten in ihrer Laudatio die besonderen Verdienste Peter Maus um das Produkt Parkett, die Branche und den Verband durch die Fachzeitschrift ParkettMagazin und dem seit 2012 von dieser verliehenen Branchenpreis Parkett Star. Mau begleitet die Parkettwirtschaft seit knapp dreißig Jahren und ist seit 1990 der FEP eng verbunden.

Mit dem FEP Award werden alljährlich Persönlichkeiten geehrt, die sich in herausragender Weise um die europäische Parkettindustrie verdient gemacht haben. 2016 wurde er zum vierten Mal vergeben.


Ein Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung der FEP:

Peter Mau Named Winner of the Fourth FEP Award

Brussels (Belgium), 17 June 2016 – The European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP), the umbrella organisation of the wood flooring industry in Europe, announced that Peter Mau is the laureate of the 2016 FEP Award. As a prominent expert in the field of wood flooring products, more specifically as the co-publisher and editor of one of Europe’s largest publications dedicated to parquet, Peter Mau has proven to be a valuable colleague who has made a significant contribution to the expertise of the European parquet industry. This is the fourth time that the FEP Award is presented. The FEP strongly believes that the award will serve to further strengthen the already existing ties between the European parquet producers, paving the way for improved expertise to the benefit of parquet consumers all over Europe.

The FEP Award

Being the European representative of an industry producing innovative quality wood flooring products, the FEP created the FEP Award to recognise the dedicated efforts of an individual, organisation, institute or authority having made a significant contribution to the advancement of the European Parquet Industry. Not only do their efforts help improve the industry’s products, they also contribute in their own way to an ever enhanced and accessible wood flooring experience. The process of selecting an award recipient is well-considered. Next to receiving the FEP distinction and the enduring trophy, the winner is also rewarded a 5,000 euro grant to support his ongoing research or dedicated activities in the field of parquet products.

Award Winner

This year FEP’s Board has unanimously voted in favour of Peter Mau, the editor in chief and copublisher of Parkett Magazin, a publication of SN-Verlag in Hamburg. The publication’s target audience includes owners and managers of parquet companies, specialist wood shops, floor covering shops and wholesalers as well as the manufacturers of parquet and laminate floors, as well as fitting materials and equipment. Parkett Magazin has also created an award, the “Parkett Star”, which is presented each year
at the Domotex trade show in Hanover and which rewards the most innovative ideas for marketing floor coverings, professional training and education programme.

Investment in the Future

Recognising Peter Mau’s expertise and efforts, the 2016 FEP Award underlines his contribution to our industry. The FEP believes that his work will continue to benefit both the parquet industry and the public it strives to serve with ever-improved products, backed by substantiated information.

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